Quality. Durability. Value. Time.

We understand that all these are extremely valuable to you, the consumer. That is why Crary Industries manufactures a unique line of agricultural products and we believe that through superior design and quality construction we can provide a better value, all while saving you time.

Finger Air Reel

A constant stream of high velocity air quickly feeds crop back to either the auger or right onto the draper belt, eliminating bunching. The Crary Air Reel offers a better view of the cutter bar for improved visibility.

Crary Wind Systems

Maximize your crops potential by adding Crary Wind System (CWS) to your header. By adding a CWS, you can continue using your factory reel while experiencing the profit saving benefits of adding a stream of air over your cutter bar.

Big Top

The difference between making a full round, or harvesting those last few acres can be accomplished if you have more capacity. The Crary Big Top will allow you to maximize your uptime while dealing with adversity.

Cyclone Chaff Spreader

Consistent soil temperature and moisture levels are maintained with the Cyclone's hydraulic spinners maximizing distribution and eliminating uneven soil drying and staggered wet strips. Perfect for larger combines and wider headers.

Gold'N Cut

The Gold'N Cut section utilizes a coarse serration that sharpens itself as wearing occurs. Ideal for combining, giving you the longest wear for your money. All sickle sections feature bolt-on convenience and are heat treated for superior cutting life.

Top Off Auger

Everyday challenging conditions can put stress on your harvester's equipment. The Crary Top Off Auger improves the peak of your harvester tank and eliminates stress by keeping the grain moving up and away from your harvester's clean grain auger.

Tile Plows

Designed to mount to the tractor itself, the Tile Plow delivers maximum traction and makes it easier to follow the contour of the ground. Mounted high, it transfers the weight to the front of the tractor, greatly increasing tractive effort and adding incredible stability.